Important Information for All Competitors


Casino Drags Weather Strategy

There are three weather situations that can postpone a Casino Drags event:

  1. heavy rain has fallen on the airstrip, enough to cause significant damage to grassed areas if we were to proceed; OR
  2. a Bureau of Meteorology prediction that excessive rain will fall on the airstrip on race-day; OR
  3. a Bureau of Meteorology prediction that severe or catastrophic bushfire conditions will arise before 6:00 pm on raceday, and Jukebox Lismore’s bushfire consultants consider that the NSW Rural Fire Service are most likely to declare a Section 44 emergency and take lawful possession of the airstrip without notice

If any of the situations occur, then postponement notices will be made no less than 30 hours before the event’s first race. We will always strive to minimise inconvenience and loss of time and money. Timing is everything with a postponement notice. Too early can mean lost opportunities and too late can mean financial losses. In the event of a postponement, competitors’ fees will of course roll-over to the next Casino Drags event.


You and your vehicle are two of the stars of Casino Drags. Your family and friends and a thousand other drag fans are all watching you. Your performance is very important to them, to ANDRA and to the hundred or so volunteers who created the Far North Coast’s only ANDRA-sanctioned drag strip. Equally significant is how you present your vehicle and yourself to the audience. Presentation may not directly contribute to your times, but it certainly contributes directly to your status, the event’s success and the worthiness of drag racing.

Personal Safety and Clothing

Helmets The wearing of a protective helmet is compulsory at all times during racing. For cars slower than 7 seconds over the eighth mile, an open or full-face helmet meeting one of following standards is OK. For bikes slower than 7 seconds over the eighth mile, only a full-face helmet meeting one of following standards is OK. SNELL SA2005, SA2010, SFI 31.1 (US) For Cars only

SNELL SA2005, SA2010, SFI 31.1 (US)

SNELL M2005, M2010, SFI 41.1 (US) SNELL M2005, M2010, SFI 41.1 (US) For Motorcycles only

AS/NZS 1698:2006 AS/NZS 1698:2006 Suitable for both Cars and Motorcycles

For all vehicles quicker than 7 seconds over the eighth, you must use a full-face helmet bearing one of the markings above. You could consult ANDRA [phone 08 8271 5355 or], the ANDRA rule-book or our ANDRA steward on race day. Helmets must be in good condition both inside and out and must be scrutineered before you race. Clothing For Street Cars you will need a long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants and covered in shoes and socks. For Street Bikes you will need a leather or purpose made riding jacket, long pants and covered shoes and socks, and leather gloves.

Maximum number of competitors

The number of competitors is capped at 150 to ensure that each competitor gets no less than three runs and probably more. The first 150 nominated and paid-up competitors will be accepted – first in best dressed! If you nominate and pay after nominations close, we will of course still welcome you to attend the event, but you will not be able to race unless a vacancy occurs. In this instance where you can’t compete, but you attend the event as a spectator, the nomination fee will roll over to the next meeting less $20 because you were a spectator. Rollover of unused nomination fees for other reasons will always be considered.

The number of competitors per car or bike

Every competitor must nominate a vehicle. Paid-up competitors, with the permission of the owner, may nominate the same vehicle. This rule will allow several drivers or riders to make runs using the same vehicle. For legal and insurance reasons, the vehicle owner must ensure that a driver or rider who races his or her car must have separately nominated and separately paid the competitor fee. If you permit your son, daughter, wife, husband or any other person to make a run with your car, that person must separately nominate and pay his or her own competitor fee. ANDRA’s insurance company, as well as Northern Rivers Drag Racing Association, Richmond Valley Council, The NSW department of Sport and Recreation and the NSW Police would consider litigation if an incident occured or even if they just had the knowledge that your car was presented to the Starter with a number that was not assigned to the actual driver or rider. This means that a vehicle’s competitor number must be changed each time the driver or rider changes. Elapsed times will always be recorded against the driver or rider whose number is presented to the Marshals, Timing Crew and the Starter. Each competitor will be supplied with a set of vinyl stick-on/removable numbers to identify him or herself accordingly.

The number of cars or bikes per competitor

Every competitor may nominate an additional vehicle by submitting another nomination form and by paying another nomination fee. This will generate an additional competitor number for that competitor. A doubly nominated competitor will then be entitled to make three, possibly four runs with each vehicle.

Substitute Drivers or Riders

The replacement of a driver or rider cannot be made after racing starts. It would be just too hard for our volunteers. However, replacements made prior to race-time with the appropriate changes to the replaced driver’s or rider’s paid-up nomination form will be allowed without any penalty.


Times for each run will be available on the Internet as fast as our Timing Crew enters them. You and your crew will be able to see your vehicle’s time on any Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Android or Laptop almost instantly. Times will always be recorded against the competitor number presented to the Timing Crew.


Submitting your nomination online has been cancelled

You can download the form, fill it out and hand it to the staff at the front gate on race day.

Competitors’ nomination fees

To race you must pay the competitor fee of  $65 on race-day. Your nomination fee pays for your ANDRA Divisional Day Licence, your entry onto the ground and your entry into the competition as a driver or rider. Licenced ANDRA members need only pay $55 on race-day because ANDRA members do not need a Divisional Day Licence. All competitors will be given Nomination Forms at the gate where you pay your entry fees, get scrutineered then deliver the nom form to the caravan office to acquire your race day number, we then texture the number on your drivers side window then you can set up in the pits ready for racing.